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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Commercial kitchen cleaning to UK industry standard

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Safe Non-Chemical Office Cleaning

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Commercial Window Cleaning

Non Toxic Window Cleaning

Why Us?

Why Choose Channel FM Ltd?

At Channel FM Ltd we take the impact of cleaning chemicals and wasted energy on the environment very seriously. By using the tools below, we not only reduce our impact on the environment, we are also able to reduce the cost of our service. These savings are passed straight back to our customers. That’s why we can offer services lower than our competitors. Our consultants work on your behalf and carry out a LEAN review using our software STRUCTURA. This enables us to review your current working process at your premises. We will then formulate a current state (showing the actual process timed) and a future state (showing a new process timed) for our operatives to work towards. You inform us of your needs and we will work towards a LEAN/6sigma system using the most up to date methodologies. Giving you a new Cleaning System (STRUCTURA) which gives more efficiency and productivity to you. A Building assessment will be required in order to facilitate the best course forward.



STRUCTURA is our unique selling point that uses LEAN-Six Sigma methodologies and reduces the waste in process. It is an excellent management tool as it tracks the staff and can keep the supervision of the contract under control. STRUCTURA increases productivity as it eliminates the waste of time and materials whilst on site.

The staff fully understand what the tasks are and when they are to be performed, the management can manage the contract and do the job in hand. All this equates to a much smoother, well run and cleaner contract, all at a lower cost to our customers.

By using STRUCTURA we are able to extremely accurately assess the time, staff and equipment levels needed to complete a clean. By accurately estimating these elements we can reduce the cost of our services by eliminating wasted time and products. These savings are then passed back to our customers. The end result is a significantly higher level of service from our staff, and a reduce cost to our customers.

By using AutoCad, Channel FM Ltd can map the course of your building to determine the most efficient course and total volume of the actual cleaning area. We include all types of peripheral equipment for example: chairs, desks, bins, sinks etc. Once all this data is input into STRUCTURA we are able to accurately access the most efficient course through the building. Eliminating wasted time and materials in the process. We do all this to reduce the cost to our customers.

Process Mapped Courses: is the result of applying principles of industrial engineering and advanced waste reduction strategies to create highly efficient, synchronised, productive and quality oriented cleaning plans for medium and large facilities.

Cleaning is often considered one of the lowest priorities
and a low-tech activity, in recent years cleaning contracts have come under increasing levels of price pressure. Instead of making savings through greater efficiency, all too often lower prices have resulted in lower service standards and minimum wages for cleaning staff.

By using enzyme based cleaning products we not only reduce our waste and pollution towards our planet but we also give your facility a better quality of clean. By 2020 the government aims to abolish commercial grade cleaning products. Here at Channel FM Ltd we are always one step ahead. We are proud to have been using Innu-Science products since 2014!

How We Achieve This!

Using The Most Innovative Equipment

At Channel FM Ltd our Research and Development (R&D) carries on throughout the year. We are always reviewing our product line to ensure we stay ahead of our competitors and give our customers the best value possible. Our aim is to provide our staff with the most up to date equipment and products to ensure we give you our clients an incredible service. All at a very competitive price.